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Winter to Winter (2016)

by Brian Huntress

I spent a Saturday night in a barroom listening to a friend's band play when a sudden terror washed over me. It wasn't new or unfamiliar but something about the show felt like a funeral for me. A funeral for my dying musical expression. The feeling was self absorbed and almost comical looking back but in the moment it was heavy. I left without saying goodbye as if to leave and hang myself but instead I wrote this EP, printed all of the lyrics, and then recorded all of the songs as fast as I could with garageband on my phone. This album would later become the first actual effort of my band Boxers Jaw as we rerecorded the songs about a year later with more instruments and better production. Today these recordings are a reminder to me of how awful and incomprehensible certain feelings can be and how insignificant and bland they can become in the future. I can remember a few things from my past right now that at the time, made me want to drive into a brick wall or run away and never come back. Now those same memories are either funny, meaningless, or so irrelevant that I don't even think about them unless reminded. In short, I will say this: these songs, or more specifically these recordings, are about emotional idiocy and angst, but most of all healing. Thank you for listening.