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The Tarot Cards 

I started drawing these cards a few months back and thought it'd be a project that never took off. I considered only doing the Major Arcana and putting out a short designer deck as a novelty thing or just something to hand out at shows. The project quickly became real to me with the generous response I got in my own networks and on social media. 

I went right at it and began posting about my progress on my instagram and on Facebook. The going was slow. I was panicking about the logistics of actually getting them printed and packaged. The project quickly became a nightmare and grew out of my means until I was struck with the idea of crowdfunding via a reddit comment on one of my drawings. 

I got right to it and the campaign hit its goal right away and raised over $1,000.00 in 24 hours. It has since grown and the interest in my immediate network has been overwhelming. I haven't set a date for the official release but I'll be aiming to have them printed by Mid September. 

If you'd like to check out some of the rewards or even preorder a deck for yourself you can visit the link below. 

For more real time updates you can head over to instagram or email me with any questions. 


The Kickstarter Link