A Podcast with Brian Huntress

Season 1



I am very interested in learning from conversations. In my personal life, some of the greatest lessons I have learned are from a small conversation with a friend, a one on one with a councilor, a group discussion, or even eavesdropping at a coffee shop. And though a lot of performers have a strong ability to express themselves and share ideas in a fun, articulated way on stage, on camera, or through art and music, I think that dialogue ends when the audience cannot respond. In some ways, its a one sided conversation. In this audio series, I have collected mostly phone call conversations in which me and the guest simply talk. A light hearted, off the cuff, and sometimes personal conversation where no questions are prepared, there is no post production, and it is totally unfiltered and mostly unedited. I choose the subjects very carefully. These are people that I believe in, have high hopes for, and that I thought had a perspective that is worth sharing. 

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