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Its hard for me to boil down exactly what it is I do. In short, I make art. I write stories. I play in a band called Boxers Jaw. I make videos where I talk about things that interest me. I edit them into digital catastrophes and then I upload them all over the internet. Whether it is painting, writing, videos, music, podcasts, or any creative act, I put these things into the world to connect with people. I guess I have a drive to be heard. Sometimes that manifests in me not shutting up, and other times it manifests in a poorly designed website like this one.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, booking, or to schedule a studio visit. If you'd like to make a purchase please send an email specifying which piece you are interested in. Otherwise, thank you for visiting.

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78 card Tarot Deck fully designed by Brian Huntress.