Brian Huntress

Brian Huntress is a singer songwriter from Rockland, Massachusetts who started off as a drug addicted wannabe rapper but later progressed to become an acoustic artist in recovery. Brian sings and plays guitar in the band. 

Nicholas Grisolia 

Nicholas Grisolia is a singer songwriter from Rockland, Massachusetts who specializes in bass guitar, musical scores, Euphonium, and produces all music recorded by Boxers Jaw. Nick sings and plays bass in the band. 



The band started off as a hardcore punk project formed by Brian and Sean Mcarthy. Sean played drums, Brian played electric guitar, and the two wrote horrible punk songs for about a year until they finally gave up. Justin Arena was later added to the band playing bass guitar. Sean eventually joined another project and found a real job. A year or so later, Brian tried to revitalize the band with Lauren Davis playing the trumpet and Justin Arena playing drums. After a series of fun shows the band fell apart again when Lauren left to follow her dreams in Texas. Brian and Justin did absolutely nothing with the project for a long time. Occasionally they played shows but never rehearsed. Some time later Nick joined, the three eventually recorded Winter to Winter, and then Justin left the band. 


Today Nick and Brian play as a duo with songwriting coming from both members. Nick continues to play bass, Brian continues to play guitar, but the two are finding their sound and style through influences in folk, country, emo, and punk. They continue to write, record, and periodically update their Facebook bandpage. They are currently looking for shows as they suck at networking and rely on their friends to put them on random bills last minute. The band also went on their first tour of the Southeast of United States with Justin Arena and released a full length album titled, “Guilt & Shame.” You can find it on Spotify and can reach Boxers Jaw at the contact link below.